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 Learn What Causes Dry

Skin And What You Can Do

About It



Are you suffering from dry skin, are you noticing more and more dry flakes on your clothes? Sometimes my skin would get so dry and flaky; that I would feel like I was the snake woman, seriously. But I researched and studied and my skin is healthy, but I practice what I preach. I am fully dedicated to my skin's health and being ageless , well to age gracefully knocking back 10 years here and there.

 When our skin is severely dry it looks weathered and wrinkles begin to  appear at a much faster rate; this is not good.Our skin does not appear plump and healthy. Sometimes you will experience a lot of itching associated with having dry skin. This is all very typical for with having dry skin. No one wants dry skin; for that matter no one wants oily skin, just normal beautiful skin thank you very much.


So what causes Dry Skin? 

 Being dehydrated

Long hot showers and bathes

The use of harsh soaps on our skin

Harsh weather

 Room heaters(indoor heating) 

Eating a bad diet

Smoking tobacco 



Solutions For External Dry Skin Triggers

 Harsh WeatherProtect your skin by wearing gloves, and scarves which helps to shield your skin from the harsh conditions. Remember to apply a rich all natural moisturizing lotion that contains natural ingredients. Make sure to pay close attention to your hands, feet, elbows, and knees.  

Being exposed to wind can cause the  outer layer of our skin to dry out and weaken.Wind destroys moisture from exposed skin, which leaves the skin feeling dry and rough and very tight, even cracked and sometimes the skin will peel. 

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Wind carries dust and pollution which is very harmful to our skin. Dust in the air clogs  pores and increases bacteria levels...sounds like acne to me. Pollution/chemicals in the air messes with your skins natural oils that work to trap moisture and keep our skin supple.

That is why it's best to cover and protect your skin especially your face, with scarves, face clothing; earmuffs; face mask. Remember that dry skin is common in winter months so protect and cover your skin. 

Indoor Heating: Most modern heaters produce dry air that sucks the moisture out of your skin. Set your heating device to the lowest most comfortable setting, use a humidifier at night. This will replace the moisture in the air that gets sucked out by the indoor heater. Also, if you have a radiator heater put a pot of water on it and it will release moisture in the air as the room heats. Use all natural creams and all natural lotions, and all natural moisturizers that helps hold water in the skin. Try using products made with Argan oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, Glycerin all which will repair and protect the skin; always apply on damp skin for best results. Also putting on warm clothes could help protect your skin and save you money.

Long Hot showers/bathes: Hot water dries out the skin and damages the surface  of the skin. Hot water even can cause the skin to become inflamed which causes redness, itching of the skin; and even peeling of the skin. This all can disrupt the skin's natural balance of moisture.

So you want to shower or bathe in warm water for no longer than 10 minutes and pat your skin dry; do not rub with rough towels.


Dehydration:Dehydration is caused by many external factors such as weather,and environment; diet , and  large amounts of caffeine assumption; all of these factors causes a depletion of water content in our skin.

Dehydrated skin looks dull and have the appearance of more wrinkles. Also dehydrated skin feels really tight; and even worst dehydrated skin is the cause of dark circles. Drink plenty of fluids in the winter time, even when not thirsty still drink lots of fluids. Avoid over doing it with the caffeinated drinks and drink more water and teas. I love strawberry infused water.

Also, add natural serum made with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate your skin, apply before  applying moisturizer.

So you ask what is Hyaluronic Acid? Well it's a protein found naturally in the body so you can take it as an supplement without worrying about an allergic reaction. Hyaluronic Acid works in the collagen networks and it's responsible for maintaining the structure of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid can hold 1000 percent it's weight in water; because Hyaluronic Acid binds to water molecules that's why it is so hydrating for your skin and you can take it as a supplement or use it for your skin topically.

Harsh soaps: Soaps today are made of more chemicals than natural ingredients. Soaps made out of chemicals can cause rashes, skin breaks outs; and can even cause allergies to flare up. Soaps that are made with chemicals can also remove our skin's essential oils which leaves our skin much drier than normal .The real concern is that these essential oils cannot be replenished.

Chemicals in most soaps contain Surfactants which have many functions such as acting as a detergent agent, wetting agents, foaming agents, and conditioning agents, emulsifiers and solubilizers . Surfactants are in so many of our beauty products; lotions, perfumes, and shampoo; and the list continues to grow with new beauty products being introduced on the market everyday.

Even though the purpose of Surfactants is to make our skin look and feel fresh and clean they have an adverse affect on the outermost layer of the epidermis, causing extreme dryness, redness, and irritation and also jeopardizes the skins natural barrier function. This leaves the skin open to toxins, bacteria and other unhealthy substances; which penetrates deep into our skin and causes long term harm to the skin.  Use fragrance-free soaps, moisturizing soaps. Make your own natural soaps.


Junk Food Diet: Junk food is bad for your skin, it is pro-inflammatory. Plain and simple it causes dry skin and increase appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin.

Eating too much sugar can trigger dry skin conditions such as eczema, as well as inflamed skin. Too much sugar in the bloodstream can affect collagen; causing lack of elasticity. Sugar is another dehydrating agent, it affects water binding so your skin looks dry and dull and your skin becomes lackluster. Sugar even causes dark eye circles to develop.

Salty foods drain the body of fluids causing dry skin and dehydration. Too much salt consumption causes T-Helper cells to respond with hyperactive inflammation and to produce allergy based illnesses, such as eczema and severe dry skin conditions. T-Helper cells fights infections.

Too much carbohydrates have the same affect on your body and skin as sugar, increase inflammation and irritation to the skin, a trigger for dry skin conditions. Low carb diets are good to improve more than your waistline, your skin will be young looking and supple in appearance.

Coffee also dehydrates your skin by tightening your blood vessels so less fluids are able to flow to your skin...resulting in dry skin. Drink less coffee and more hot tea.

 Eat good fats like omega 3 fatty acids, which can replenish your skin natural fats and keep your skin supple looking. Eat more vegetables and healthy foods. Explore improving your eating habits.


In an 2016 Peoples Magazine interview Jennifer Lopez reveals her secret to the fountain of youth and healthy skin...she goes on to explain how drinking lots of water and eating fresh foods with lots of vegetables and fruits keeps her skin healthy and radiant.






Smoking Tobacco: Cigarette smoking contains carbon monoxide which destroys oxygen in your skin. The nicotine in cigarettes reduces blood flow which leaves the skin dry. Smoking cigarettes destroys many nutrients like vitamin C which  helps protect and repair damage skin.

Smoking makes you look older than your true age; it changes the skin, teeth and hair. Smoking causes premature aging, and increases the development of wrinkles. Smoking darkens your lips, also causes scarring of the skin and ruins pigmentation.

Also remember smoking cigarettes increases your chances of developing skin cancer.

  Stop smoking it's bad for your whole body, get help from a doctor to aid in stopping, discover meditation to help you calm your nerves the next time you want to smoke. 


Quick Tip

Using a clean soft towel is good for drying your face, but you should change the towel you use to dry your face every couple of days. In doing this you are stopping the growth of bacteria. 

Also using paper towels is an excellent option to dry your face after cleansing. But remember to use the same drying process as with clothe towels; blot excess water off your face gently, do not completely dry your face leave it damp.



So here is a wonderful and effective all natural treatment for dry skin; many have used with excellent results, if you are allergic to any listed ingredient then please do not use.



Frozen Egg & Honey Facial Mask


Recommended for dry skin, this is particularly soothing on sunburned skin.



1 egg

1/2 cup coconut oil, melted (but not hot)

1 tablespoon honey





- Beat the egg in a small bowl until frothy and well- mixed. Slowly add the liquid coconut oil and

honey, beating until your mask is the consistency of mayonnaise.

- Take an empty toilet tissue roll and set it on end in a clean bowl. Spoon mixture into the cardboard

toilet paper roll. Place tube, in the bowl, in the freezer overnight.

- To use, peel away just the top 1/4 inch of the cardboard roll and smooth the frozen stick over your face (think of it as a push-up pop). Leave your mask on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm


-Return the cream stick covered with plastic wrap and frozen between uses. Keeps indefinitely.




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