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Skincare: Face Steaming


All types of skin types can benefit from using steam to cleanse your skin. By using steam to clean your skin you will be removing all surface dirt, and also stimulating your skin and unclogging blocked pores. If have dry skin, try steaming your face once a week. If you suffer from oily skin then you can steam your skin every day. There are Electrical devices that are on the market that produce steam; this process is called Sauna Facial.

Steaming can be done by leaning over a large bowl of boiling water (please be careful), by covering your head with a towel and making a tent around the bowl. The steam will open up your pores, and loosen blackheads. Please do not get to close to the boiling water, because if the steam is too hot, it might cause broken veins. To make steaming your skin more beneficial, add a tablespoon of herbs to the water. Elderflower and chamomile are my favorites. You can also try lavender, thyme and rosemary for a stimulating cleanse. These herbs smell so good, your house will smell good also. Steam your face for about ten to twenty minutes. By steaming blackheads come out of the pores and it becomes easy to extract them.

If you suffer from pustular acne, I would not advice steaming as the steam and heat can spread the infection. If you have been extracting blackheads use a facemask containing curds, kaolin, cucumber or comfrey, as these are astringent and healing.


If you are in doubt always consult your dermatologist, and if you are allergic to any listed ingredient please do not use.


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