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Discover The Amazing Benefits of Facial Steaming Just Once Week 


All skin types can benefit from using steam to cleanse their skin, celebrities visit famous Spa's to have facial Steaming treatments. But everyone does not have the time or money to spend on expensive Spa treatments. Who skin wouldn't benefit from warm Lavender steam; working all kinds of miracles on tired aging skin?  But you can actually create your own facial steaming treatment ,just like the expensive Spa's because steam is just hot water. I know you can safely boil hot water, no degree is needed.  If you suffer from dry skin,and acne, wrinkles; sagging skin; fine lines try steaming your face once a week.


Benefits From Facial Steaming

It's Cleansing  steam opens up your pores and  provides a deeper clean for your skin removing trapped dirt and debris which leads to acne.

Steaming also promotes circulation,the warm steam and increased sweating dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow and nourish your skin while delivering oxygen. Oxygen is important to the health and maintenance of our skins cells; oxygen repairs and regenerates collagen and elastin tissue. Oxygen produces younger looking skin; and helps to reduce wrinkles.

Face steaming releases acne causing bacteria, remember that opening up your pores releases dead skin cells and bacteria and other impurities that causes acne.

Also steaming releases trapped sebum which causes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Face steaming works to hydrate your skin by helping to increase oil production which is a natural moisturizer for your face.

It helps your skin absorb skin care products; so it's an awesome idea to steam first then apply your topical skin care products.

How To Steam

Steaming can be done by leaning over a large bowl of boiling water (please be careful), by covering your head with a towel and making a tent around the bowl.

 Please do not get to close to the boiling water, because if the steam is too hot, it might cause broken veins.

Steam your face once a week for the best results. Limit each steam treatment to 10 minutes so you won't damage your skin. Also let the water cool a little before you start your treatment.


Quick tip: Always wash your face before Facial Steaming


 Power Your Steam With Oils And Herbs

To make steaming your skin more beneficial, by adding dried herbs and essential oils; usually around a tablespoon of herbs or oils to the water. Some oils and herbs are more beneficial for certain skin types.

 The Chamomile herb helps with skin inflammation and dermatitis and is great on sensitive skin.

Rosemary is known to work great for oily skin, it protects skin cells from damage caused by the sun and radicals. Also Rosemary is a natural antiseptic and a super awesome disinfectant.

Lavender oil is really great on dry skin and eczema; it also works great as anti aging weapon reducing wrinkles.

Geranium oil works as a natural astringent that tightens and tones your skin.

Orange oil is so uplifting and works wells with blocked pores and brings life to your complexion. 

Coconut Oil retains moisture content of your skin and helps to heal your skin really fast. Coconut oil also contains antimicrobial and disinfectant properties so this aides in the fast healing process. It also repairs skin tissue and keeps your skin healthy and radiant. Coconut oil is a powerful anti-aging weapon.

These herbs smell so good, your house will smell good also.

 Quick Tip: By steaming your skin blackheads come out of the pores and it becomes easy to extract them.



If you suffer from pustular acne, I would not advise steaming as the steam and heat can spread the infection. If you have been extracting blackheads use a face mask containing curds, kaolin, cucumber or comfrey, as these are astringent and healing.

Also try this product that restores your skin's PH Balance 

Just Nutritive Clear Vinegar Face Wash 8 oz.

from: Just Natural Products LLC


Sharing is caring to me so listed below are 2 of my favorite facial steaming recipes:

 Aging Skin Recipe

After bringing a pot of water to a boil add
1 tablespoon of rosemary herbs (fresh or dried)
1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers (fresh or dried)
1 drop of frankincense essential oil

Transfer to a heat safe bowl and place on flat counter top. Immediately drape a towel over your face, shoulders, and bowl, keeping your face about 10-18 inches from the steam.

Enjoy 5-10 minutes of steam and then follow with a mask, serum or moisturizer while your skin is still damp.


Dry Skin Recipe

After bringing a pot of water to a boil add:
3 drops of Jasmine oil
3 drops of Chamomile oil

Transfer to a heat safe bowl and place on flat counter. Quickly drape a towel over your face, shoulders, and bowl, keeping your face away from the steam.

Enjoy 5-10 minutes of steam and then follow with a mask, serum or moisturizer while your skin is still damp.









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