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Easily have smooth and healthy skin!


It is a daily battle to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth. But the answer to this problem might come from an unexpected area of the health field. Welcome to the world of glyconutrients!


If you feel like you are appearing older than your true age, then take a look at your skin and how you care for it. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and the most exposed. Pollution, ultraviolet rays in the Sun's light, stress, lack of essential vitamins, all play a role in the condition of our skin.

Most of us really don't take care of our skin - usually due to hectic work schedules or due to pure laziness. Lack of good skin care can result in more skin-related diseases and allergies. Proper skin care is important for avoiding cold sores, spots, and skin cancer. Beauty treatments and skin care lotions are only effective to a certain point when it comes to keeping your skin soft and smooth.


Just Nutritive Winter Skin Protector 8 oz.
from: Just Natural Products LLC

Exposure to sunlight causes a loss of water in our body which leads to dryness of the skin. This causes our skin to lose its elasticity and become 'saggly.' This loss of elasticity normally happens with ageing. However, changing climatic conditions and atmospheric conditions such as ozone depletion cause the harmful ultraviolet B rays to cause more damage to our skin. This is where nutrition comes in.

In order to have healthy skin, it is important to look at the role played by nutrition in skin care. This means including more nutritional foods into your diet. Lack of proper nutrition may result in the loss of natural oils present in your skin. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh juice, cereals, etc. contain vitamins essential for a healthy skin.

Vitamin E is reported to be a skin-care vitamin. Apart from vitamin E, vitamins such as A and C are also essential for a healthy skin. These vitamins contain antioxidants which help the skin to maintain its natural oils. These antioxidants help to reduce the appearance of aging skin. Ultimately they help fight the brutal effect that the climatic changes have on our skin.

But how do you get the vitamins and nutrients necessary for your skin's health? Not from your daily diet. For various reasons, people cannot get the right quantity of vitamins and other nutrients into the body through their normal diet. And synthetic vitamins are not the answer here.

Enter glyconutrients. Eight essential sugars have been discovered to be the essential building blocks for our body cells. There is a lot of research still going on about these essential sugars and the larger group of saccharides of which they are a part, called glyconutrients. These eight simple sugars are responsible for cell-to-cell communication necessary for keeping the body's glands and organs, including the skin, healthy.

Skin care ointments and lotions containing glyconutrients are the best alternative to any beauty treatment. Aloe Vera has a high level of glyconutrient in it so it works great as a natural skincare remedy. Remember that the intake of glyconutrients is equally important for health care as well as skin care.


Aloe Vera Mask for Dry Skin

1 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel

1/2 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon of honey

Create a paste, apply and leave on for 30 minutes, wipe off with a warm damp towel.

Repeat twice a week.


Consult your doctor or dietician, exercise, and drink a lot of water. And continue to research about glyconutrients and many other natural health products and natural food solutions for your skin and overall health!




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