Can Snail Mucin (slime) reverse aging?



So, I was scanning the news with my morning coffee, looking for any new stories
about natural skincare and aging....and I came across a really interesting story about snails and skincare.

Snails are just gross to me and as a middle-aged woman that is fighting aging, I am willing to try anything that will naturally slow down the appearances of aging skin.

So here is what I learned: 

Snails being used in skincare goes back to 400 B.C. when crushed snails were prescribed for inflammation by Hippocrates

Live snails were used for anti-aging treatments in a lot of ancient societies and recently in France


Snail oil and snail mucin (slime) became very popular in Korean Beauty products in the early 2000's and the
rest of the western world followed this trend.

Snail mucin (slime) contains valuable nutrients like proteins, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, elastic, antimicrobials, collagen, glycolic acid, and works as a skin regeneration, and also provides hydration.

Some benefits of using Snail mucin (slime) 
Improving tissue repair and wound healing
Evening skin tone and fading hyperpigmentation
Reducing irritation and redness
Improving skin texture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Reducing free radicals' activity
Fighting off the growth bacteria that cause acne
Increasing hydration
Improving the production of collagen and elasticity