Hi welcome to Puffyeye50

My name is Mera, I suffer from psoriasis a chronic skin disease, which started to appear in my early teen years. It is safe to say that I have spent a lot of money going to dermatologists and getting those expensive creams and ointments that only caused more irritation to my skin.

How I Discovered Natural Skincare

 I honestly began by reading everything about psoriasis, and how I could manage the flare ups with all natural skincare remedies and treatments.  I read and researched day and night about natural alternatives and ingredients, even ventured into health journals…headaches…lol  I found a natural solution that works for me. I proved to myself and everybody around me that I could use natural properties to control my chronic skin condition. Well my psoriasis journey lead me to natural anti-aging skincare remedies and treatments, well of course I am aging too, right. I discovered that I would often wake up with one puffy eye, which is very weird; so I really became conscious of this and started applying all natural remedies to eliminate puffiness around my right eye. That is why I named my site puffyeye50. I am so excited and relieved that I can actually do something everyday to fight off the signs of aging skin like wrinkles and fine lines without causing harm to my body or my bank account.

You Are Not Alone, We All Are Aging!!!

Let's be honest we are all aging and want to slow down the signs of aging skin. I doubt any of us likes or appreciate wrinkles and dark circles greeting us every morning. I created this website as an informational hub for women who want to reverse aging without using chemicals; synthetics or getting plastic surgery. I also share information on general natural skin remedies for all ages and types of skin.


Get free Natural Skincare Recipes and save money by making your own anti- aging serums and creams.

Learn how you can reduce the risk of skin cancer, and learn how to look years younger

 Learn about simple everyday ingredients that reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Be inspired by other women on their journey to age gracefully and beautifully while looking years younger

Learn how adding fruits and vegetables in your diet can benefit your skin

Stay current on the latest chemicals and toxins in Beauty products.


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